Heavy In The Game

Find Your Beach


Unless you are already a native fan of the Miami Dolphins.

You know how when you are pressing to the end of a very long stretch of a very hard day very hard work maybe in the gym maybe on the field Maybe in the kitchen maybe in the lab maybe in the cubicle maybe in the studio maybe on video tv maybe under the bunkers in the trenches.

It can be a real for the real life by guerrilla warfare and so now we propose to you to be able to find the balance to find your base to find the getaway.

Find the ease of the ebb of the flow of the rhythm of the doing it and togetherness and finding something That’s rejuvenating and they can do something heading to the life force in your body because you’re now in the fresh sun.

Soak up the Sun Rise for the breeze like Jamaicans in your face for the sand and your toes and listen to the waves crash engine in the background.

It’s all a beautiful noise of bliss and blessings.

So even if you came from a city like a hustle and bustle of New York it is high fast tempo energy and pace, or you’re hailing from the hills and valleys of Montana, Go hard for your team doing this season make sure that you show up you representing put on for your city and your boys, but then make sure to getaway even if the destination is located on rival territory.

Off Season Vacation


So your team made a valiant effort throughout the preseason the season and the post season sees it and now its time for a kick back vacation.

Time to play hard when your hard work pays off.

So you finally made it through the process and got to the promise. It feels great it feels rewarding it feels awesome you finally succeeded And have risen to the elite ranks.

You said back reminiscing how was starting to realize that yet overcome so many obstacles so many trials so many detours and closed doors, diverted windows, and inverted promises, that beat you down to make you have to find sustenance to get back up again.

But yet you finally reached the point where you can finally sit back and look back at all that you have been able to accomplish in life.

And although you always have the attention of feeling like you still not there in the still world of so much more work for you to do, you will have the Opportunity to experience the satisfaction of the Reward that you have recompense for your hard work and due diligence is dedication to the mission.

Celebrate Like A Champion.

As soon as you finish dowsing the head coach with the 5 gallon bucket of Gatorade, Stop by the commentators to give them your rundown of how you are and your team were successfully able to get the better of your opponents and come out on top.

You give you the glory to God.

Do you look dead into the camera and say mama we made it I’m going to Disneyland and you pack your belongings and get on that plane to Florida

Flex with your Athletic Reflexes


You need lighting reflexes in the professional sports industry.

Within the context of the different things that will utilize our reflexes for it does come to the mind up for us to consider the things that we can do to express joy and happiness.

Like right now even as the writer of this publication that you were reading at this very moment, I Just reasonably had the realization that I very much enjoy this Process of getting in touch with my thoughts and gathering them together to be able to present them In a cohesive manner so as to allow you to gain some valuable information in the context of our topic.

And so even taking a member trip down memory lane and realizing the old school show of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, And realize that right then and there there was a perfect example of joy expressed through a dance that incorporates hands.

What does this mean for you?

If you ever done yoga yourself are you seen as a community of other people doing there Practice of the art form of yoga do you know that the hands Represent the wind of the movement and also when you Observe the wings of a plane and see how they are like the arms that keep the vessel afloat.

What gives you joy?

No matter who you are no matter where you came from no matter what brought you to this blog it would pay you great dividends if you invest a little bit of time to just consider the things that bring you joy.


And flex it out..

Full Roster


Have you ever seen a full roster

of a huge sports team but yet only percentage of the athletes actually make it onto the regular field playing schedule?

Will coming out to the understanding that everything in the universe is governed by universal laws and principles one of the first and for most is the law of cause and effect.

Gotta pay attention to the rules of the game together realize that if you to make it to the big time you got to be diligent during The time the sweat blood and tears behind the Scenes work so that you will be prepared when you’re ready to be displayed in the major spotlight.

What separates the bench from the starters?

We realize that those who have risen to the status of that which is elite have put in invested different amounts of passion blood sweat and tears into their craft, And have therefore become valuable on the field and have applied their efforts in their skills to display on the sports field.


To be able to have a winning season and then hopefully be able to rise to the championship level of competition.

There’s a saying by Albert Einstein that says insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Our challenge to you is to realize that if you are one of those players have been warming the bench throughout the seasons because maybe you have not yet made it to the starting lineup is to stay tuned in to our updates and grow with us!

Legends in the making


To divert attention from football onto hockey greats for a bit. What does it take to become a legend on the skate?

Up to this point the majority of our editorial efforts have been centered around the sport of football and acknowledging its dominance and presence in the realm of contact sports.

Now as you may already know the game in the sport of football is mainly played on either a true real grass surface or a synthetic grass surface called astro turf.

The training that is involved in sports are played on grass such as football or soccer involves you being able to move at high speeds on grass using shoes with cleats which are able to help the player get a grip.

However on the other hand as you can imagine it would be A different type of learning curve for those who are at learning how to become great athletes using skates as their primary means of mobility in the sport.

Have you ever been on Ice Skates?

Not even necessary speaking in terms of hockey but maybe it went as a recreational option or recreational outing with the children all to be at the local pond or rink.

And if you’ve ever had that experience than you know first hand that it can be a very great stimulating a magical experience for everyone was able to find that flow and rhythm on the ice.

Therefore it to bring this in for landing we just went to inform you that although it’s different types of mobility experiences they still take the same stanima strength focus discipline and endurance to become great at it



Can you be A fan of Yoga and Football?


Now we’ve displayed the raw side of our mentality already, but there is a time for everything and a need for balance.

And now here comes the question possibly one of the most Controversially complex questions that can possibly be posed in the vast world of sports from all spectrums.

I’m sure we all at this point can understand and relate to the simple fact that all sports have some kind of Stigma or association of thought that comes with them when people have them in mind when you’re thinking about the level of Manliness of how much brute Strength and ability will be needed to conquer and dominate in the sport, Then their sports in different the challenges that are more so geared towards the mental aspect and how sharp and how quick, And yet again there even sports that are geared towards more endurance and durability how long can you last, And the last but not least or maybe least in some opinion there are the sports in there the athletic things that are more for starts flexibility and stretching.

Can the different structured sports cohabitate with mutual respect?

More specifically as relates to you our loyal NHL and NFL apparel customers, Is what we think any less of you if you know just as much as the touchdown in two point conversion As much as you know about the Sun Salutation in the downward dog and upward facing dog in the child’s pose and tree pose.

The answer is yes, we support those who support us.

The Hungry Team

images (2)

For the fans that help us go for the kill, can sit down at the table to eat with us.

This is for those ride or die fans and not just there to have a fun game or just games I understand that the momentum in the tie that they carry with their energy is very much so felt and appreciated in the field.

That they grow to play an integral part in this way of the game know what side of the momentum in the indecisiveness of the actions that is taken by the team but there supporting them.

This is For those fans

Go to the same loyal fans That are there through thick and thin through every season weather up or down, Unlike the fair weather feather friends That pop up when you’re up but rather the ones that are down for you.

This one is for every single tool that will be utilized to expand the outreach to Connect with new fans in to expand the boundaries For those who can appreciate and resonate what we do here as a team.

Here with us you’ll find every single assortment of every single style of every single Texture necessary to convey the message of loyalty and dedication to your fans and to your teams.

To be able to show up in a way that the team that you reinforces the face of the motivation that exudes from your very presence in the stands.

This is what you’ll find with us..

What about the Cubs


Never forgetting the little fans when it comes to our apparel assortment.

Many times when it comes to the world of sports and expensive the arena of contact sports and the sports the big guys is usually associated with such as, It could become somewhat easy to forget the little Cubs in the process of speaking about the of the great masters.

We here at NFL NHL Jerseys pledge to offer some kind of clothing line solution for even the Cubs in your herd So that the little ones will also be able to represent And style when it is time to get down with the squad.

What are the difficulties that can arise in finding the cute little baby options of clothes that are tailored to Contour to the cuteness of little baby and therefore let it still be a image that is for a formidable foe for the opponents on the playing field.

We offer Options that include assets for the whole family for Big Poppa bear for the mama bear and poor little baby cub bear so that they will be able to have photo shoots a a family unit.

And keep in mind that even though we are using a lot of animals and analogies to bears lions and tigers do not feel left out if you’re in a region Represented by something like a Green Bay Packer or like a steeler or a forty niner, or saint.

We include everybody so nobody left out and you will find what you need here with us

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My


Through the fire and the flames..


We rise. We are the fans to stick through the weather whether its good or bad through the Thick and through the thin we are the fans that are dedicated and resilient. No we’re not the fair weather feather friends in the bandwagon buddy that have fun when our team builds momentum.

Where the kind of fans to wear the apparel of our hometown and or supporting represent everywhere we traveling so everywhere we go people know that where we’re from.

Where the kind of fantasy is not afraid to show up at a championship game 7 at the opponent’s territory and represent in full regalia of what we stand for in our town.

I believe it’s two different people in this world, people who make things happen, then the things to people who watch things unfold, Then there’s next category of individuals who are just those who don’t even know what’s going on there just lost in the sauce and caught up in the majors in just was an end of cycle of a hamster wheel.

Programmed to exist day by day notice I’m in no rush no rule no support no loyalty to a team to something bigger than themselves like our hardcore customers find.

We believe in living life with no regrets.

What we want to encourage all of our a hardcore and loyal NFL and NHL fans To enjoy everything that we offer to help you doesn’t the team you love to the fullest.


The Lion Roars


This Special City is represented by A special Animal.

Step into the stadium and hear the Lion Roaar.

Whether you’re a lion, a bear, a ram, a packer, or whatever animal or image, it is your job to embody the essence of whatever you represent in all sorts but especially full contact battle sports such as football and hockey

Now we say hockey then the city that is represented by a lion in terms of the football team is represented by a Red Wings in the hockey arena.

Would like to compare the sports of hockey and football as the ancient modern day versions of the old school Gladiators Amazons and all the other fighting That would occur for sports sake and for the Profits for the organizers and promoters that occurred whenever The mass of people flock in like sharks to some blood.

If you’re watching for the kill

When you make it into a football game or a hockey game Then you are exactly the type of audience member That we know will appreciate the type of Styles that our brand offers when you want to be able to represent your team with a statement and full of authority and be able to leave that beautiful in person in the photos.

It’s actually quite simple we are you really get down to it its like when you come up into the stadium in you make sure that you have your hot dogs or Frank in your beers in your family and we just make sure your dressed for it

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